Compilation CD Release Form

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Do Not fill this out online. Print this form, fill it out, and  and mail along with your submission materials to 
CSA,  PO Box 511, Mystic CT 06355.  For multiple submissions, use a separate form  for each song.

SONG TITLE: _____________________________________________________

The undersigned writer(s) hereby give permission to the Connecticut Songwriters Association (CSA) to include the above composition in a  Compilation of  songs  revolving around the theme of  (please indicate which - check ONLY ONE )

Not all themes are accepting submissions at all times - submit to the currently active categories as per the Guidelines
___ Songs of social relevance           ___ Country songs               ___ Children's Songs
___ Spiritual/Inspirational                ___  Holiday songs               ___  Novelty/Humorous Songs
___ Country Songs                         ___  Unusual Love Songs     ___  Story Songs
___ PatrioticAmericana                   ___  Collaborative Songs      ___  Instrumentals

 hereinafter called  "this use",   to be released on CD and/or digitally.  

Writers retain complete copyright ownership and give permission to for CSA to use the composition as CSA sees fit to further its non-profit mission. The writers waive any current and future payments from CSA for this use of the composition. Authorization of this use is non-exclusive. Writers retain all rights and may freely license use of the song to any other parties for any other uses at any time.

Writer(s) warrant that they have the right to authorize this use, and in so doing are not infringing on the copyrights or publishing rights of any person or entity not named in this release, and agree to be responsible for any restitution that may be due a third party as a result of knowingly or unknowingly misrepresenting the authority to grant this use.

Writer(s) agree to submit a non-refundable $18 processing fee with their submission with the understanding that this does not guarantee inclusion on the compilation.  Inclusion is dependent on (a) appropriateness of the the song to the theme of the compilation (b) the craft of the song  (c) the production quality (d) space on the CD and the overall combination of songs (e) any other factors as determined by CSA.  The final selection of songs for the compilation is at the sole discretion of CSA.

Writers or writing teams who have a song or songs included will receive one complementary copy of the compilation, and may purchase additional discounted copies for re-sale or promotional distribution.  

Primary e-mail address for contact regarding this submission:       ______________________________ 

Your name                     and            e-mail (please print clearly)

Length of the track in minutes : seconds _______________________

Web address that you would want a link pointed to (optional)



WRITER                                                                                      DATE

_____________________________________________ ______________________
WRITER                                                                                       DATE

_____________________________________________ ______________________
WRITER                                                                                       DATE

Signed release, along with $18 processing fee (+ $3 for postage if you want a copy mailed to you)   lyric sheet,  and recording    should be returned to :    CSA, PO Box 511, Mystic CT 06355

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