Morgan House    119 High St   Mystic CT
DIRECTIONSComing from I-95 , take Exit 89 (Allyn St).  If coming from I-95 going North, turn  right off the ramp.   If coming South on I-95, go left off the ramp.   Go about 1-2 miles on Allyn Street,  go through a blinking light, and come to traffic light, intersection with Route 1.   Turn left onto Route 1, heading down hill toward the main street of Mystic.  You will come to a 5-way intersection overlooking Mystic Pizza and the main street of Mystic.  You'll see Union Baptist  Church immediately on your left.  Take the left turn to get to the driveway for the church parking lot. The Morgan House is the big white house next to the church parking lot.    Enter through the back, via the wooden walkway by the playground.    Mapquest