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                                               THE CSA COMPILATION SERIES

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CSA  Compilation Series #22 2023  -- VERDANCY: Songs For Environmental Awareness

Biull Pere CD

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1. "Northern White" Jane Fallon Brookline, NH
2. "Change Is Coming" Jan Gillies Baker, WV
3. Price on Heaven (Song For Bristol Bay)" Susan Shann Ashland City TN
4. "Kingdom Come" David Morris/Jodie Morris, Gaithersburg, MD
5. "The Farm (Fifteen Minutes)" Tom Hazuka, Berlin, CT
6. "The Promise of the Sowing" Dan Schatz, W. Chester, PA
7. "I Do Not Need a Bag" David Roth, Orleans, MA
8. "Little Pebble" Bonnie Nichols, Soldotna, AK
9. "Saving the Whales" Katie Oates, Charlotte, NC
 10. "Solar Spill" Douglas Hendren, Harrisonburg, VA


CSA  Compilation Series #21 2016:  Songs of  Spirit and Conscience

Spirit & Consceince

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1. Life is Great (Laura Principato) 3:08
2. Our Last Goodbye  (Judy Swanson) 3:37
3. Little By Little (Shawn Fisher) 4:07
4. Feed the Children  (Nancy Carpenter) 3:49
5. Rosa Lee (Elynne Plotnik) 3:30
6. Free (Laura Principato) 3:59
7. Hole Where My Soul Was (Tom Hazuka) 4:25
8. God Will Find a Way  (Shawn Fisher) 4:37
9. Wonderful Counselor (Nancy Carpenter) 3:30
10. Stop the Slaughter (Bill Katz) 2:53 
11. My God (Laura Principato) 4:23 
12. The Farm (15 Minutes)  (Tom Hazuka) 3:00

All selections © 2016 by the original writers

CSA  Compilation Series #20 2011:  Songs of Social Relevance

CSA rec 21


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1. White Squares 3:54 (Tom Hazuka) ©2011 Tom Hazuka
2. Most Likely to Succeed (The Yearbook) 3:58 (Bill Pere)
     ©2011 Bill Pere-KidThink Music
3. Out of Many We Are One 4:23 (Thomasina Levy / Joan
    Spear)  ©2011 Jo'Sina Songs
4. Time at the Table 3:54 (Kay Pere and Bill Pere)
     ©2011 Kay Pere-Bill Pere/Effusive Muse Publishing
5. Peace (Kristen Graves) 3:44 © 2011 Kristen Graves
6. Teach Me How to Fly 3:54 (Bill Pere - vocal by
     ShaunaBeth Mandelburg)  © 2011 Bill Pere-KidThink
7. Rage of the Innocents 3:51 (Kay Pere )   ©2011 Kay Pere -
     Effusive Muse Publishing
8. It Stands to Reason 2:40 (Tom Hazuka)
    ©2011 Tom Hazuka
9. Movin' On 3:31 (Vanessa Stevens)
    ©2011 Vanessa Stevens
10. Absence of Light 5:04 (Ellyne Plotnik) ©2011 E. Plotnik
11. Hey Johnny 5:21 (Shawn Fisher) © 2011 Shawn Fisher
12. Waiting to Be Free 2:50 (Lenny Bosh ) ©2011 L. Bosh

CSA  Compilation Series #19 2010:  Spiritual/Inspirational


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1. Walk On 2:58 (Batya Diamond) 2009 B. Diamond 2. Let Them Be Who They Are 4:38 (Bill Pere) 2009 Bill PereKidThink Music  No Regret 5:20 (Linda Bonadies) 2004 Go For It Records
4. Angels On Horseback 4:05 (Kay Pere) 2007 Effusive Muse Publishing (Kay Pere, Bill Pere)
5. After the Rain (Nicky Lycette) 3:08 2009 Nicky Lycette.
6. I Walk Alone 3:56 (Ellyne Plotnik) 2009 Ellyne Plotnik
7. I Want It All 4:52 (Sean Fisher) 2009 Sean Fisher
8. Out of Love 4:32 (Steve Pasakarnis) 2009 S. Pasakarnis
9. You Hold the World 4:02
(Joseph Bell) 2009 J. Bell
10.Angels Came 3:55 (Howard Dreschner) 2009 H. Dreschner
11. When Will We See the Light 4:07
(George LaFalme) 2009 G. LaFlame/Greer/Covert
12. I Miss You 5:10 (Lewnny Bosh ) 2009 L. Bosh
13. High Tower 3:07 (Nancy Carpenter) 2009 N. Carpenter
14. Pray Shalom 2:17 (Ed RosenBlatt. Arr. Beth Rosenblatt) 2009 E Rosenblatt
15. Soul Train 3:35 (Jim Hendricks) 2009 J. Hendricks
16. Almost Back to Yourself 4:05(Hugh Goodridge) 2009 H. Goodridge
17. Prayer For Peace 3:55 (Jane Bate) 2009 J. Bate

CSACompilation Series #18 2009:  Americana/Nostalgia/Patriotic


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1. Our Town 4:42 (Linda Bonadies)  (c)2004 Go For It Records
2. Army Boots and Satin Slippers  3:46  (c)2005 Effusive Muse Publishing
  (Kay Pere, Carol Bamesberger,  Bruvuh E. Martin)
3. I Am Erica  3:54 (Bill Pere)  (c)2008 Bill Pere/KidThink Music
4. Till the Darkness Meets the Dawn  3:03  (Thomasina Levy) 
 (c)2003  Back Seat Boys Music -
5. Dust on the Water  4:27 (Curtis Brand)  (c) 2002 Curtis Brand.
6. Because the Sky Fell Down 4:53 (Kay Pere) (c) 2005  Heart & Spiral Music
7. Heroes in the Sky 2:49  (Tom Callinan)  (c) 2007 Cannu Yusic Ltd      
8.  There Is a Beacon 3:54 (Roy Schryver)  (c)2007 .Roy Schryver 
9.  Anytime Anywhere USA 3:31 (P. Chapin, W. Gamache, S. Prosco)
 (c)2005 Chapin-Gamache Prosco
10. Heart of the Storm  3:01 (Bill Pere)   (c)1991 Bill Pere/KidThink Music
11. Baghdad Highway 4:21
(Bruce McDermott)   (c)2007 Bruce McDermott
12. Above Here 4:35
(Robert Jones )   (c)2005 Eye On Creation
13. The True Red White and Blue 4:47
(William Brennan)   (c)2007 William Brennan

CSACompilation Series #17 2008:  Americana/Nostalgia/Patriotic

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Track List


 1. Streets of L.A.  4:42 (Ron Brault) 
2. Old Man 4:38  (Bill Pere) 

3. I'll Believe in You  4:20 (Linda Bonadies)  

 4. Sandalwood  (Kay Pere) 

  5. Black Sky  3:10 (Gary Breton) 

  6. The Truth 3:48 (Bob Levy)

  7. The Trouble With Love 4:07  (Paul McCarron/Bruce McDermott)                                       8.  My Old Fashion Girl 3:27  (George LaFlame/E. Wellman) 

  9. Seasons of Your Love 6:04 (William J. Brennan)  

10. Meant To Be 5:50 (George Tifft)  

 11. I Haven't a Clue  4:21 (Joseph Muscatello)  


CSA Compilation Series #15 - 2007:   SPIRITUAL /INSPIRATIONAL


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1. Live For the Coming Day 4:09 (Paul Chapin) (c)2007 Paul Chapin. (Vocal by Vanessa Belle)
2. doG 4:20 (Bill Pere) (c)2006 Bill Pere/KidThink Music -
3. How Can I Keep From Singing 3:08 (Trad. adapted by Thomasina Levy)  (c)2006 Back Seat Boys Music -
4. Noah Smiling Down 3:01
(Sean Moore ) (c)2007 Sean W. Moore
5. Break Away 4:08 (Robert E. Jones) (c)2006 Eye On Creation
6. Footsteps 4:39 (Bill Pere & The LUNCH Ensemble) (c) 2006 KidThink Music
7. In Hope of...(The Family of Man) 5:59 (Stephen Hayes) (c) 2006 Stephen C. Hayes
8. I'm On My Way 3:29 (Thomasina Levy) (c)2006 Back Seat Boys Music -
9. I Got It All 2:13 (Dolores A. Hudson/George LaFlame) (c)2002 Hudson/LaFlame
10. We See His Face 3:14 (Laura Principato) (c)2005 Laura Principato
11. More Than Horses and Men 3:47 (Gale Gardiner) (c)2006 Gale Gardiner
12. I Am Grateful 3:41 (Thomasina Levy) (c)2000 Back Seat Boys Music
13. This Gift 4:42 (Robert E. Jones) (c)2006 Eye On Creation
14. The Wheat Bows Down 3:30 (Gale Gardiner) (c)2005 Gale Gardiner
15. Three Crosses 3:20 (Karen Cunningham) (c)1991 Karen Cunningham


CSA Compilation Series #14 2006:   SPIRITUAL /INSPIRATIONAL


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 TRACK LIST  (2006 Release)

*1. If Jesus Had a Credit Card 4:20 (Brian Booth) (c)2005 Brian Booth.
*2. New Day Coming Tomorrow 4:08 (Bill Pere) (c)2005 Bill Pere -
*3. Blessings 3:15 (Kay Pere) (c)2005 Kay Pere -
*4. Tale of the Trail 3:01 (Peg D'Amato ) (c)2005 PeggyD Music -
5. Through His Eyes 3:20 (Jack Kavanaugh) (c)2005 Jack Kavanaugh.
*6. Lord Give Me Strength 4:20 (Nicole Sullivan) (c) 2005 Nicole Sullivan
*7. Of Words, Thoughts and Deeds 4:26 (Joe Frawley) (c) 2005 Joe Frawley Music - vocal by Kay Pere
*8. Gather 'Round the Baby Grand 3:45 (Paul McCarron/Joyce Josephson) 
(c)2005 .McCarron/Josephson
9. Somewhere Beyond the Stars 3:27 (Wendell Radke/George LaFlame) (c)2005 Radke/LaFlame
.10. Lullaby For Peace 3:15 (Bob Smith) (c)2005 Bob Smith
11. Fruits of the Spirit 4:16 (Laura Principato) (c)2005 Laura Principato
12. Let Go 3:35 (Lani Peck) (c)2000 Lani Peck
13. Shhh...Listen 4:05 (Marcia Reinhard/Terri Goldsmith) (c)2005 Reinhard/Goldsmith
14. Texas Night 4:00 (George Tifft) (c)2005 George Tifft
15. One Day 3:20 (Gale Gardiner) (c)2005 Gale Gardiner
16. Symphony No. 1 "Remembrance" 3rd Movement 15:06 (Albert Hurwit)  Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra Conducted by Michael Lankester (c)2005 Albert Hurwit

(WINNER 2009 American Composer Competition)



CSA Compilation Series #16-2007:  HOLIDAY


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 TRACK LIST  (2007 Release)

1. The Hope 3:06 (Bob Smith) (c)2007 Bob Smith.
2. Christmas Eve, Silent Night 6:17 (Bill Pere) (c)2007 Bill Pere
3. Eight Candles Burning 3:08 (Thomasina Levy) (c)2001 Back Seat Boys Music
4. Another Year 4:28 (Lara Herscovitch ) (c)2003 Lara Herscovitch
5. Dear Santa 2:40
(Joe Manning/Steve Vozzolo) (c) 2002 Vozz-Mann Music
performed by The LUNCH Ensemble
6. A Cold Rain in Providence (4:25) (Roy Schryver) (c)2007 Roy Schryver
7. The Way of the Waif 5:30 (Bill Pere) (c)2007 Bill Pere/KidThink Music
8. Ornament
2:38 (Bill Pere and the LUNCH Ensemble) (c)2007 Bill Pere/KidThink Music
9. What if Christ Was Born Today 3:27 (Bruce Kaechele) (c)2007 Bruce Kaechele
10. Your Happy Birth 3:28 (Gale Gardiner) (c)2007 Gale Gardiner Vocal: Sarah Petersen and George Luther
11. A Very Merry Christmas 2:34 (Joseph Muscatello) (c)2007 Joseph Muscatello
12. Winter 4:20 (Vann Reynolds) (c)2005 Vann Reynolds performed by Michael Reynolds



1989 - 2005 :   CSA GENERAL COMPILATIONS #1-10


  <==== 2005 -- Two CD's in one !   In addition to the  nine new tracks, there are all 11 tracks from the original 1989 first CSA compilation, never before released on CD.   74 minutes of music in all!  
    This collection presents two snapshots in time of CSA songwriting, recording, and production, 16 years apart.  During that time, sound and recording technology has changed dramatically, but  good songs remain timeless.

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